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I work as a Blockchain developer, specialised in custom cryptocurrency and blockchain-based Enterprise solutions. I have extensive experience in ICO's, STO's, Customising Consensus(POS/POW), Crypto Exchange, NFT Marketplace Wallets and crypto-bot design, DApps, blockchain websites, web portals, & smart contracts applications development.

My name is Awoyemi Victor Adewale. And I’ve been both a Blockchain and Web developer for the past 5 years. I strongly believe that Blockchain technology has and will continue to transform businesses in the upcoming time. And walk hand-in-hand with the technology, startups and well-established companies are adopting blockchain solutions by developing new blockchain-based applications or integrating the technology into their existing networks. If you too are aspiring to find a trustworthy and experienced blockchain services provider, then you’re in the right place!😍😍😍


When you need blockchain development services such as Crypto token creation (ERC20 token, BEP20 token, Solana Spl token, Cardano token), ERC721 smart contract for Nfts on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon or Cardano, it is recommended to keep the below-mentioned factors in mind to ensure that you get your money’s worth:😳

a). Do thorough research

b). Check the portfolio of the expert and years of experience

c). Check their clients’ testimonials or feedback

d). Check in to see if their skills can assist you.


No matter if you want a new blockchain-based application like token creation, smart contract audits, wallet security solutions, ICO auditing, wallet integration, Nft minting website creation, Nft marketplace integration with Opensea/Rarrible…



Am a web designer and developer for the Alienfootball team and we’re looking forward to ensuring this project will be a big and successful one.

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